Kenneth Thomas

Author Interview with Dr Mel



What inspired you to author this book?
The book was written in 2012 when green issues such as climate change were slowly becoming more talked about (pre Greta Thunberg). VanWest, set in the year 3000, is a reflection of a world where we have not protect our home, planet Earth; and looks at the consequences, the effect on society, such as forced migration, food shortages, loss of flora and fauna, authoritative regimes and wealthy individuals (oligarchs) who take advantage.

Beyond that, I wanted to write a book with broad appeal; most importantly, one that was entertaining. Working in the movie industry a couple of years, including 20th Century Fox and MGM Studios, I wanted to create something that thrilled and was full of action. Without a movie studio’s budget, I thought a great way to achieve this was through writing; from a screenplay, it developed into a book.

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