VanWest The Past & The Present

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The Past is the first book in the series, about an Enforcer who lives in a dystopian Earth of the year 3000 and works for an authoritarian ruler called the Universal Council. Tasked with travelling through time to stop a renegade sect, that seeks to change Earth’s past, he comes to learn about his dark origins and his unique ability.

Falling in love with the daughter of its leader, Mad Newton, he returns to the present to face a difficult choice, whether or not to save her. And be part of the New Beginning.

Readers’ Favorite Book 2020 Award Winner for Time-Travel.

Check out some reviews: Highly rated by Readers’ Favorite, IndieReader & Literary Titan.

In The Present, he must confront his past, taking him on a new mission to Mars that brings him face-to-face with the man who created him.

The Future. To be released in 2023.

From British Author Kenneth Thomas.

“The VanWest series is set in the year 3000 to reflect on a dystopian world brought about by our treatment of Earth at the start of the 3rd millennium. How misuse of technology and pollution leads to the degradation of our planet, the rise of authoritarianism, and the exploitation of the vulnerable. At the same time, the series is written to entertain: a futuristic action thriller with strong characters and an exciting plot”.

Note: The VanWest series has been written in British English (future editions, such as an American English version, have yet to be released).

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